Our Divisions

Through our specialised divisions, we can offer expertise in each market


Oilfast:UK is our National Fuel Distribution division, specialising in bulk fuel and licensed AdBlue® solutions for national clients. Whether you are looking for wholesale fuel solutions for one site or rigid deliveries for hundreds of sites across the UK, Oilfast:UK can make the fuel order process straightforward and seamless with many additional benefits.

Tyne & Wear Oils provide all brands of lubricants and engineering fluid solutions nationally. With over 30 years of knowledge of the industry coupled with direct experience in high performance and cost-effective fluid solutions, they have the necessary expertise to advise the correct lubrication or industrial oil to meet your specifications and requirements.

VTS Group

VTS Group specialise in the provision of cost-effective GPS vehicle tracking solutions for businesses across the UK. This technology gives you the ability to trace and obtain data on every journey made by your vehicle fleet. Along with GPS tracking tools, VTS Group also offer advanced camera technology and business mobile solutions.

Fleetmaxx Solutions

Fleetmaxx Solutions provide fuelcards to suit all fueling requirements for businesses across the UK. Their highly experienced team offers competitive solutions, saving you time, money, and hassle. You can compare fuelcards on the website, allowing you to see what fuelcard best suits the business priorities and requirements.