Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

For us, responsibility and sustainability are about being a successful business. We will act always in ways that ensure the future success of our business protects our environment and respects stakeholders. We believe business success is consistent with business responsibility and sustainability.

Our Values

Oilfast is one of the fastest growing fuel companies in the UK. It is a family business, a status reflected in our core values of integrity, honesty, respect, empowerment and trust. We believe operating to these values to be not only ethical but also sound business practice.

Corporate Responsibility

Health and Safety

We have a responsibility to our employees, to our neighbours and to the general public. Safe operations is a responsibility we take very seriously and it lies at the heart of everything we do.


We operate and compete fairly. We meet and aim to exceed the requirements of all legislation and regulation in the area of our business process.


We seek to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We have introduced innovative industry initiative such as our current tree planting scheme with domestic deliveries.


We aim to consider and exist amicably with our neighbours and the wider public in our business operations.


We contribute significantly in economic terms; in the salaries we pay employees; the taxes we pay; the supply chain we finance and the customers we benefit.


We are committed to responsible and sustainable development in all areas of our business. We will balance short and long term goals whilst always working within our value framework.


We pride ourselves in having highly able and motivated employees throughout our business and see it as an area of competitive advantage in our marketplace. Employees are trained, developed, empowered and rewarded. We are an equal opportunities employer with no barriers on age, sex, disability, religion, race or sexual orientation. Employees are judged on ability and application and are treated with respect, honesty, consistency and compassion. This approach is inherent in our family business, its ethics and its culture.

Corporate Sustainability

Oilfast make a significant economic contribution to society. We aim to operate profitably and efficiently but never at the expense of our Corporate Responsibilities. Our operations will always take place against a backdrop of safety and sustainability. This is core to our culture in general and to our values of integrity, honesty, empowerment and trust in particular. Our corporate values and culture are consistent with our economic objectives and our corporate responsibilities. We believe responsible, sustainable operations are not only ethically sound but are also good business practice.

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