Emergency Kerosene

Oilfast are on hand should you run out of fuel when you need it most!

The chances are that at some point you may run out of Kerosene Heating Oil.

This could be as a result of not checking your tank in time, underestimating your usage or any other reason but the main thing is getting back on supply as soon as possible.

Oilfast endeavour to make all deliveries within a 48 hour period, but if you have run out of oil the chances are you can’t wait this long.

In these situations, let Oilfast know you are off supply and we will make it our mission to get you back on as soon as possible.

This may be done by making space on the tanker, changing our routes or preparing emergency drums for collection. This may come at an extra cost depending on the options available but we will always ensure that any price we offer is completely fair.

Use the Speak to a Local Expert button below if you are in need of an Emergency Kerosene Supply.

Need an Emergency Kerosene Supply?

Automatic Top Up – Never Run Out Again!

Alternatively, you could take advantage of our Automatic Top Up Delivery Service where we manage your oil levels to ensure you never run out of oil.


Automatic Top Up Plan