Recommend a Friend

Introduce a friend to Oilfast and you both save money!

At Oilfast, we believe it is only fair to reward customers who pass on the word about our excellent service, so we launched the Friends & Family Reward Program.

The program is designed to benefit everyone by providing rewards to both existing customers for recommending their friends and family and new customers for coming on-board.

The new customer receives £10 off their first order to say thanks.

The existing customer receives a smaller amount of £5 added as a voucher to their account but can recommend as many friends as they wish.

For example, 10 people referred = 10 x £5 vouchers redeemable on next purchase.

For more information, you can contact your local depot to speak to our local, friendly staff.

Friends & Family Reward Program

  • 1. Introduce Your Friend

    Provide your friend(s) with your order ticket number which you can request when placing an order.

  • 2. Friend Receives £10 Off First Delivery

    Each friend who quotes your ticket number will receive £10 OFF their delivery.

  • 3. You Receive £5 Off Next Delivery

    £5 voucher is applied to your account for each friend who orders. Can be redeemed on next order.

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